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Our Research Projects

Below is a description of the various research projects under development in Mindfulness at the University of Miami.

Patterns of CAM Practices in the US and their Association with Health Outcomes

The objective of this study is to determine the association between the use of complementary and alternative medicine practices and health benefits, healthcare utilization, and mortality using data from the National Health Interview Survey. A published paper on these findings can be found here.

Acceptability of a Mindfulness-based Approach to Smoking Cessation in Visually Impaired Adults

The objective of this study is to conduct surveys with a sample of visually impaired adult patients at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute to assess the acceptability of using a mindfulness-based approach to smoking cessation. Items assessed focus on the use of a number of mindful practices, tobacco use behaviors, previous quit attempts, nicotine dependence (if any), and depression. The purpose of this project is to gather pilot data to be used in a larger grant mechanism to National Eye Institute. Data collection for this study is underway.

Mindfulness & the Center for AIDS Research

This study aims to test the effectiveness of mindfulness-based practices for smoking cessation and relapse prevention in HIV+ persons, among whom smoking is much more common than in the general population. A pilot grant proposal is under review with the Center for AIDS Research.

Mindfulness and Breast Cancer

This project aims to examine the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based intervention to reduce cognitive impairment (CRCI) related to cancer therapy in women being treated for breast cancer.  We will test whether an 8-week MBSR intervention leads to a measurable improvement in cognitive impairment symptoms. We are seeking an appropriate grant mechanism for this proposal.

Mindfulness among Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This study will evaluate the effectivess of mindfulness-based techniques for the relief of symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We are seeking an appropriate grant mechanism for this proposal.

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